Canoeing and kayaking

Serenity; it is exactly what you feel when you indulge in the adventure of Canoeing in the Maldives ( It is a perfect way to sail across the sparkling blue Maldivian Ocean and an even more accurate way to enjoy the wonderful marine life that the Maldives islands proudly boasts of.

Kayaking is a good option for all those who love canoeing. In the Maldives, many resorts offer you plenty of kayaking options. In most resorts, you can choose exactly how you want to explore the blue azure of the Maldivian Ocean.

There are different types of Kayaks, in some, you can paddle, and in others, you can pedal, and some kayaks come in single, and others come in tandem ( Kayaks also happen to be a perfect option for those who want to get a sneak peek into the underwater Maldives without indulging in activities like snorkeling.

You can go all out and hop into a glass kayak, it has excellent visibility but a price tag to match it as well, which is really worth the pleasure you will get. However, if you are on a lower budget, you can opt for the peek a boo kayak with a glass panel on the bottom, not as great, but fantastic all the same. The marine world under the Maldivian Ocean is simply spectacular.

It is colorful and adorned with an amazing array of corals and sponges. You can simply get lost admiring fish after fish as the swim across the glass surface of your Kayak.

Among many other adventurous and exciting outdoor activities, canoeing in the Maldives is one of the perfect ways to holiday in this spectacular nation ( It relaxes you in a way like no other and sweeps you away from the typical hassle and bustle of day to day life.

As the perfect end to a perfectly relaxing day out canoeing, sit back, relax and wind down at the breathtaking Baros Maldives. This Maldives Luxury Resort is everything you need to enjoy pampering during your holiday on the island. It is the Maldives Villa where comfort is absolutely unmatched to any other.

Where the Ocean gently wakes you up in the day and caresses you back to sleep at night. All in all, it is truly a treat that a hard worker deserves.

Canoeing and kayaking